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Darius Zee is a gay man, and a LGBT activist. Darius started off as part of the Rainbow Arts Project (.rap) – a group of artists seeking to explore notions of LGBT-related themes via different forms of art.

Since 2012, Darius has sat on the steering committee of Pink Dot SG – Singapore’s de-facto LGBT annual pride event which attracted a total of 21,000 participants in 2013.

Darius is also active in establishing contacts with LGBT activists in other parts of the world, such as Hong Kong, Japan and the United States – to organize sharing sessions on LGBT-related issues as well as explore possible collaborations to set up Pink Dot out of Singapore – which can be found today in various parts of the world.

Darius also actively works with tertiary students embarking on research projects related to LGBT rights in Singapore – to provide contacts or share background information of the local LGBT community.

His interest to be a voice of the marginalized has brought him further to document people’s lives via both written journalism and photojournalism – in Sabah, Cambodia, China and Singapore. These marginalized communities include those who are deprived of education opportunities as well as those who are in lack of proper drinking and sanitation amenities.

Darius has also expanded his portfolio to include TV and cinematic scriptwriting. His final-year scriptwriting project in university mirrored the plight of sex workers in Singapore’s Orchard Towers – a community forgotten by many. Darius has also written theatre scripts under NTU’s Creative Writing program and has acted in local renowned theatre director Jocelyn Chua’s play “F’Friends”. Darius is currently in talks to put “Sisters” into production and has plans to continue writing scripts.


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