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Talking about “Ah Kua” shows

By Cui Jun

Starting from this month, Sentosa’s Fantasy Island would be bringing in the Simon Dance Troupe from Phuket where men will be performing song-dance items dressed as girls. In doing so, the authorities have hoped to attract more tourists to Singapore which itself is devoid of any natural beauty.

In spurring our economic growth, tourism undoubtedly occupies a paramount position; it brings recognition and revenue to the country. But are the no more better, no more prettier performance troupe?

1) What’s the Real Reason Behind This? This “art” troupe originates from Thailand when it is a indispensable tourist attraction. Everyone thinks of such “indigenous performance” when talking about tourism in Thailand. While it is true that it brings revenue to Thailand, does Singapore which is not facing any recession and having huge reserves need to rely on such performances to increase the tourist revenue?

According to statistics, tourists coming to Singapore is rising, this shows that we still have our attractiveness. For example, our cleanliness, us being a food paradise, our multi-cultural society, safe nightlife, just and uncorrupt leaders and an advanced transport system.

2) A Prelude to the Renaissance of the Arts? I believe a renaissance of the arts must be premised upon high art and not some salacious art forms. In our quest for a more gracious and refined society, bringing in the Simone Dance Troupe clearly is a step backwards. The authorities have spent a lot of time and effort to push for a more gracious society, let’s not let such performances derail this path.

3) To Encourage a More Open Society? While reports have stressed that the performances will not be sexual in nature, surely it cannot mean that the performers will be fully dressed in traditional Thai costumes? Moreover, one doesn’t have to take off another to have a salacious performance. Everyone knows that visitors there will be there to largely because they are attracted to the enticing figures of these pretty “Ah Kuas”. There must be something particular about this performance for the authorities to restrict viewers to those above 18 years old. The ramifications brought about by this troupe is tremendous:

a) These performers of the “Third Sex” are generally psychologically and morally unbalanced but yet they can be cheered and admired by viewers, making their performances no less popular than real artistic performers. I fear that this would encourage such people towards this goal- believing that what they are doing is a fine job. If this is so, in years to come, we would not need to bring them from overseas because our local “Third Sex” people will also be able to “bring honour to the country by earning revenue”.

Furthermore, while our local homosexual problem at the moment has not caused the nation and citizens great harm; with the advent of liberal thinking and once such performances gain in popularity, there will surely be an increase in homosexuals in Singapore. This is a social problem that cannot be ignored.[NB: OK, I can't stand it anymore, I have to say something: the preceding paragraph is the greatest piece of illogical crap I have read in a while]

b)To attract tourists to such performances, there will have to be overseas advertising to promote the troupe. This would indirectly imply that Singapore is promoting salacious activity.

c)As everyone know, homosexuals and AIDS are “comrade in arms”, growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. AFA have been unyielding and tirelessly educating the public about AIDS to stem its rapid growth. Bringing this dance troupes will contradict the efforts of the government and waste the efforts of AFA.

I have always tolerated and accepted and not condemned homosexuals- themselves mentally unhealthy. The most important is to base our attitude on facts and a even/moral heart. It was proven in “The Truth About Homosexuality” written by Egbert Walton and translated by Yi Ping that homosexuality is not in-born but caused by later socialisation. Thus we must accord homosexuals with forgiveness to help correct them so that they can go back to the right path and live a new life.



This article was first translated and posted on SiGNeL by Rave Yeh: