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Fluffboy, also known as was believed by many to be a spin-off from SgBoy after the latter's first run-in with Media Development Authority in April 2004 although SgBoy officially denied any links[1].

In September 2004, in response to complaints from (presumably conservative) gay men themselves such as Blowing Wind member, gstc82, and anonymous 'guest' posts, the MDA decided to take action against the "raunchy pictures" and explicit sexual language on the SgBoy site which were the very reasons for its popularity. This led to a fine of S$5,000 (US$2,940) in November 2005 and SgBoy was asked to remove "offensive" content.

One of the pieces of evidence for the link between SgBoy and Fluffboy was the fact that when the latter forum was up and running well, the sex section of SgBoy was moved there. But when Fluffboy closed, it was moved back[2]. The administrator of Fluffboy was thought to be a person by the name of Edgar.

Fluffboy gained a huge following because of its posts of gay erotic stories and sexual fantasies. According to Blowing Wind member, Wax, one of the fetishes discussed, amongst many others, on Fluffboy's unmoderated discussion forum, involved boys in school uniforms[3]. Users also posted photos of these boys in uniform. It was the first forum he got addicted to, when he was about 14 to 15 years of age and in secondary school. He remembered a lot of underage people using the forum and chatted with a few secondary one and first-year junior college students. There was no way to prohibit the entry of boys under 18 from entering the forum. He believes that it was the lack of moderation that accounted for its appeal but unfortunately, also the reason for its shutting down. was banned in late 2005 by the MDA for allegedly promoting homosexual promiscuity. This was done by blocking access to the site by Singapore-based Internet surfers.

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