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AFA was formed in 1988 and has evolved its functions and objectives – from the promotion of basic public awareness of HIV/AIDS and starting up support and assistance for persons living with HIV infection, to present day role that requires greater coordination and collaboration, delivering complex prevention and care programmes in a globalised and connected society.

The objectives of the AFA MSM Programme is to reduce the spread of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) amongst gay, bi and men who have sex with men (MSM) in Singapore. Through educational outreach activities, we aimed to increase knowledge on healthy sexuality to reduce high risk sexual activities, HIV/STIs education to better inform oneself for better safer sex negotiation and go for regular testing, and to promote safer sex practices and a safer substance use in a harm reduction approach. In addition to education prevention, the programme also offers social support through collaboration with community partnerships and stakeholders.

With their team of dedicated volunteers, they have been providing sexual health workshops, conducts outreach activities at venue based (sauna, bars, clubs) and online forums via Smartphone Apps. They actively work towards growing capacity of stakeholders and community partners to help conduct innovative campaigns, identify sexual health trends and together to foster a stronger community.

The public can get involved by becoming a volunteer to help with their outreach activities. To volunteer, interested parties can fill out their online volunteer intake form or speak to one of their friendly staff at an outreach event.

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