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Jun Zubillaga-Pow is a musicologist and cultural historian specialising in the musics and sexualities of Singapore, Germany, and Argentina in the long twentieth century. Originally from Singapore, he reads Music at York and Birmingham in the UK. He obtained an MA (distinction) in French Critical Theory and a PhD in Music, both from King's College London.

His first project concerns the lives of six Singaporean composers ("Sonic Assemblages", forthcoming). Later, he co-edited two volumes entitled "Queer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship and Mediated Cultures" (HKUP, 2012) and "Singapore Soundscape: Musical Renaissance of a Global City" (NLB, 2014).

His PhD thesis (2015) formulates a critical theory of plastic resistance for the purpose of understanding aural perception. He relies on concepts from German Idealism and Lacanian psychoanalysis , alongside empirical evidences from music psychology as well as the sketches, analyses, and performances of Beethoven's music.

Since 2009, he has also been researching on the musical migration of the Sundanese Angklung from its origin in Sunda, West Java to Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. An article has appeared in the journal "South East Asia Research" in March 2014.

Apart from a monograph on cultural materialism within Singapore's LGBT history, covering both traditional and new media, a post-doctoral project on experimental aesthetics in late 20th-century Argentina, with a special focus on the music of Luis Zubillaga, has been planned.

Outside of research, he was the director of IndigNation, Singapore's LGBT pride season from 2009 to 2011 and convened the 'Singapore Studies' seminar series (London '12). He organised two conferences, 'Music and Psychoanalysis' (Liverpool '13) and 'Schoenberg at 140' (Canterbury '14), and also ran a seminar series 'Global sexualities, Queer ambiguities' (Oxford '15).

Musical performances[edit]

Zubillaga-Pow curated the event "Pride and Prejudice", a classical music concert which was held at the Chamber of the Arts House in August 2011 and which formed a part of IndigNation. In this video, he performs Tchaikovsky's "Autumn Song" on the soprano recorder.

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