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Let’s Get Back Together was an original testimonial theatre piece exploring what it meant to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT) in Singapore in this day and age.

Based on interviews conducted with over 50 brave and inspiring individuals, Let's Get Back Together explored the realities that LGBT individuals face on a daily basis. From coming out to facing discrimination to grappling with faith, the road to acceptance is a constant and very real struggle for many in the community.

With these voices, the group hoped to render more visible their struggles, and of course, triumphs - a timely reminder in light of heated public discourse. And in doing so, break the barriers to understanding the complex and contentious nature of this hot-button issue in Singapore.

They believed that the first step to mutual respect was understanding.


Drama Centre Black Box (NLB building Level 5)

Dates and times:

2nd September 2014: 8pm

3rd September 2014: 8pm (post show discussion)

4th September 2014: 8pm

5th September 2014: 8pm


Rosemary Mcgowan

Theresa Wee-Yenko

Cassandra Spykerman

Mitchell Poon

Ahmad Ezzat Alkaff

Matthew J Fam

Directed by: Mark Ng

Written by: Mark Ng, Kenneth Chia & Kimberly Anne Arriola

Indiegogo campaign[edit]

The public was urged to support the project's Indiegogo campaign:[1] as the project was funded entirely by themselves. Even if one could not donate, a share, retweet, and follow could go a long way. The public was also encouraged to spread the word about the event.

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