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The Pink Carpet Network is a subsidiary project of which is in turn managed by Action for AIDS. It compliments ATS by riding on its current service provision, such as pre- and post- counselling, anonymous HIV and Syphilis testing.

The Pink Carpet Network focuses on providing a new, and more intimate experience at our testing facilities. A service run by gay identified volunteers and counsellors for the gay community. Our objective is to provide optimum care and support through in-depth discussions about topics that matter to you and me, and to also connect you to our care and supportive networks.

Beyond provision of information about anonymous HIV testing and living with HIV, Pink Carpet is also here as a listening ear, as a support, a place to connect with our diverse community and most importantly, as your friend.

So drop by and say hi!

In 2013, there were more gay men than straight men, who became HIV positive.

Which means, there are now 1712 friends living with HIV. Every 42 hours in Singapore, a friend, lover, or member of our community will be diagnosed with HIV.

According to data from our anonymous testing services, we are seeing more young gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men becoming positive after multiple negative tests. Couples are also putting themselves at risk by not openly discussing HIV, STI and testing before deciding to stop using condoms in a relationship.

Time is ticking boys, and we need to step up our game.

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This article was written by Roy Tan.