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The Pink Crane Project, "set to bring about hope, and encouragement", was started by Anthony Leong for Pink Dot 2013.


The Pink Crane Project started with the purpose of motivating the community in Singapore to love, through the representation of a pink crane which can be carried around. This is in recognition of a lack of a physical symbol that can relate to our constant struggles and how we can break free from them - thus the paper crane was chosen as our symbol.

The paper crane is a symbol of hope in Japanese culture; parents give paper cranes to their children as a form of blessing on the day of their marriage. The Pink Crane Project plans to use it to help send a message to all that it doesn’t matter who to love; family, friends, and particularly strangers who are supportive of them. The graceful crane itself is a symbol of hope in many cultures, extending even beyond Asia. It is also representative of freedom, as cranes are known to fly freely.

The cranes will be folded with pink paper to coincide with the theme of Pink Dot, and some will be folded by straight supporters and friends of LGBTIQ. This bolsters the message that it is not just the LGBTIQ community, but even our family and friends are there to support us. In addition, we will have volunteers at the booth on the day itself to teach people how to fold their very own cranes of hope and well-wishes.

For every crane made by the participants of Pink Dot, we will place an additional one into a box, which will be available for photography at the end to show the efforts and support of the community.


The project was supported by The Purple Alliance, Oogachaga and Indoctrin-Aid!

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