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Founders of Queercast, Nicholas Deroose and Ian Lee with the Queercast logo.
The smaller Queercast logo used on the podcast website.

Queercast was Singapore's first Internet LGBT radio show, the brainchild of Ian Lee and Nicholas Deroose.

The inaugural episode, hosted by podcasters Deroose (a.k.a. "Dee") and Lee, was uploaded on 19 September 2006. It was recorded in Deroose's apartment in Simei on Lee's laptop using a $10 analog microphone.

After the first few episodes, Jasper Chen was roped in as the audio technician to improve the sound quality. A USB microphone replaced the analog one.

When Deroose left for the United States to pursue a degree in journalism, Emeric Lau took his place.

The final episode was uploaded on 28 July 2008.


After the first few episodes, a website was set up at

Later, a Facebook page was created. A screen grab of the page made in August 2011 showed the following information displayed on it:



Entertainment & Arts - Radio is Singapore's Juiciest, Entertaining and, well, only queer podcast!

Wickedly funny, senseless, yet informative - QueerCast is what you will need to spice up your dull straight-acting days with the colours of the rainbow. The "hopefully" weekly show delivers entertainment, community news and updates, uniquely Singaporean issues, or even the occasional personal jokes and rantings.

We hope to become mainstream, such that our voice will be so much louder than before, creating awareness in both community and society, that our presence will come to be accepted widely one day. And we're gonna have a hell a lot of a fun doing that!

Queercast is also dedicated to helping bring awareness to the local art scene, cause hey, we're artists too!

If you, or anybody you know, would like to let us know about any GLBTQC happenings or issues, feel free to drop us a mail! Also if you are an independent musician and would like your music featured on the site, let us know!

Lastly, Queercast is a NON-PROFIT organisation, as such, we're running this on the generosity of our listeners and of course, our own darnm money. So if you'd like to donate, or help out in any other way, drops us a mail!

Brief History

In 2006, best friends, Nicholas Deroose and Ian Lee realised that there was a massive hole for a queer voice in Singapore. With much encouragement from friends (as well as plenty of drinks) they conceived and eventually Birthed the Abomination that is Queercast in September 2006!

We were soon joined by the techno Goddess, Jasper, who now serves as our IT guy and producer. Unfortunately Nicholas is now in America studying, so Emeric Lau has joined in the fray to bring you the latest fabulous news!


  • Nicholas Deroose (Temple)
  • Jasper Chen (Singapore)
  • Ian Lee (Singapore) (creator)


  • Jasper Chen (Singapore) - IT Goddess
  • Nicholas Deroose (Temple) - Bitch Baroness


163 members

Privacy Type:

Open: All content is public.

Email: queercast@grnail. com

Website: http://www.queercast. net"


MP3 files of all the episodes have been archived on Dropbox which you may download by clicking on the links below.

The first episode has also been uploaded to YouTube:

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2007 special episode:[56]

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Episode 60:[64]

Episode 61:[65]

Episode 62:[66]

Episode 64:[67]


Australia's Joy 94.9 FM's interview with Queercast on 6 July 2007:[68]

Ongline interview on 12 November 2007:[69]


This article was written by Roy Tan.

All the recordings of the episodes were kindly provided by Nicholas Deroose and consolidated onto a thumb drive by Leow Yangfa.