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FTMs in Asia[edit]

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A now-defunct website for female-to-male transgender people in Asia. It was founded by Jael, a Malaysian FTM transsexual working in Singapore[1].




Main article: SgButterfly
  • SgButterfly [2],[3] - Singapore's first and largest transgender web portal and support group founded by a heterosexual man, Daniel Kaw.


Main article: SgGurls
  • SgGurls [4],[5] - Singapore's second trans woman support group which sought a higher social profile and aimed to reach out to mainstream society when it was formed in the late 2000s. However, it has remained relatively quiet since 2012.

Sisters In Solidarity[edit]

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Transgender Alliance[edit]

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  • Transgender Alliance - an amalgamation of the 2 transgender social and info networks, SgGurls and SgButterfly, and a sister group, Project X, an advocacy group for transgender people working in the sex industry.

Project X[edit]

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  • Project X [7],[8] - an advocacy group for transgender people working in the sex industry. Project X believes that sex work is a legitimate form of work and that sex workers should not be criminalised alongside murderers and thieves. As such, sex workers’ rights are also human rights.

Transgender Pride[edit]

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  • SgCrossDressers[10] - a closed Facebook group created only for Singapore male-to-female cross dressers in 2013. It promotes and encourages like-minded individuals to interact and exchange ideas, share the journey of the cross dressing life and provide support in this very special community. The founders strive to make the group grow in a clean and secure environment. People with fake profiles and undesirable admirers are not welcome. To join, one needs to have a genuine face picture in one's profile. Its first administrator was Jamie Lee.

Transdresser & Crossdresser Confessions[edit]

Main article: Transdresser & Crossdresser Confessions

The 'T' Project[edit]

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The 'T' Project[12] by Women's Care Centre, a subsidiary of Action for AIDS, was set up in June 2014 by 2 transgender siblings committed towards empowering the transgender community in Singapore to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life and to help and nurture the transgender community so as to bring about a positive and direct impact on the quality of their life as transgender people. It is also a place for the public to engage, learn and get firsthand knowledge about the latest development in the transgender community and to dispel myths.




Forgot To Mention[edit]

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  • Forgot To Mention [15] - Singapore's first female-to-male transgender group formed in 2013. It started off as a campaign by 5 transmen who believed that all transgender people needed to be loved and understood.

It is a non-profit group that takes pride in listening to the needs of every transgender person from the heart - inclusive of all transgender people living in Singapore. It encourages members to do their part by volunteering, donating, funding their efforts or being a community partner and ally, because every transgender person needs a friend.

The Sons[edit]

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  • The Sons[16],[17] - The Sons, which set up its Facebook page on 4 June 2014, shares information, resources and advocates through education the well being of trans men in Singapore. It is for anyone seeking transitioning information, resources or anyone who wishes to share with others their own experiences.

The purpose of the network is to connect transmen in Singapore, create opportunities for social get-togethers, link up with online peer support, create information and provide resources that can be easily accessible, especially those who want to find out more on transitioning and/or being transgender, conduct educational outreach and workshops and advocate issues related to the well being of trans people.

Information about the transitioning life of trans men is also available on their Tumblr site entitled, 'Voices of The Sons'[18].

Break the Binary[edit]

Main article: Break the Binary

Break the Binary[19] - a privately supported informative resource with a focus on enhancing the lives of transmen in Singapore - long-timers, in-betweeners and those about to transition to male. It promotes diversity within the larger trans* community, helping individuals gain acceptance and understanding. It is also helpful to friends, family and significant others.

Transman Confessions[edit]

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  • Transman Confessions[20],[21] - set up on 22 February 2014 for female-to-male transgender Singaporeans and their partners, the goal of the page is to showcase all of the myriad of facets within the transman community, to pay attention to the politics of attraction, body image, language and diversity and to give back to the community which has already had so much taken from it. It believes it is an innate desire to be authentic, and yet it understands how difficult it is to be completely honest even to the ones transmen love and respect the most. It hopes members will find it a safe space to think aloud, wring their hands in the air, question, advise, or simply share moments of bliss, comfort and joy. The page is above and beyond all other things, a confessions page. It hopes to reach out to more and more people like them, and to let those who are alone or struggling know that there is help, and there is hope.



The Swan Project Singapore[22] - a movement that aims to promote understanding and awareness of transgender individuals in Singapore by providing information, telling stories, support opportunities, and dismantling misconceptions about transgender people. Empowering both transgender people and society at large through awareness, support, engagement and action, they aim to do our bit to create cultural and systemic change for the better.

Trans* it! - a subsidiary of The Purple Alliance, it aims to support trans-identified individuals in their lives, be it their social or physical transition, or just to provide a listening ear and increase the visibility of transgender people.


  • Asia and Pacific Transgender Network (APTN)[23] - launched in December 2009 when 15 transgender women from 10 Asia-Pacific countries and regions came together to champion the health, legal and social rights of transgender women. A milestone in the history of transgender people in the region, they demanded recognition as a distinct demographic group with their unique needs, separate from the MSM umbrella. In 2011, a transgender man drew attention to the need to advocate for transgender men and joined the APTN Board.

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